Gunther Constructions has a long-held commitment to reducing our impact on the environment. We strive to be environmentally responsible with a strong emphasis on sustainability throughout the entire design and building process.

Mounting ecological constraints have seen sustainable construction become a salient consideration for forward-thinking property owners and purchasers. Construction consulting firm Davis Langdon has warned of “the looming obsolescence of non-green buildings” and agrees that “going green is future-proofing your asset”.

Sustainability Gunther Constructions

Sustainable homes no longer require a trade-off towards comfort and affordability. In fact, the U.S. Green Building Council found that homes built with environmental design principles have happier, healthier occupants than traditional buildings do. At Gunther Constructions, we’re using the latest construction technologies, design concepts and innovative practices to build new homes that can halve the energy requirements of existing dwellings. Techniques such as; natural shading, rooftop solar panels, passive ventilation design, high performance windows with thermal breaks, LED lighting technologies, low VOC material selection, rainwater harvesting, solar hot water and superior insulation are some of the ways our buildings embody sustainable design and achieve 7+ Stars from NatHERS.

We believe the built environments should consider its impacts on local and global environments at all stages of its lifetime. This includes having a responsible approach to construction, ensuring the building remains energy efficient throughout its lifetime and also creating a product that can eventually be recycled into another form. This is how Gunther Constructions is helping care for our planet.

The choice is ours—yours and mine. Rest assured knowing a home built buy Gunther Constructions will be an environmentally conscious home that is leading the market in sustainability.

Benjamin Gunther, B-Envs, MC-Prop Melbourne University